Happy Holidays 2023, Now Is The Time, Wade's Words

This second installment is about the interrelationship of being upset and having feelings of guilt. The caregiver is shocked and overwhelmed by everything hitting them at once. Perhaps seeking the advice of a trained professional or interacting with other caregivers will bring relief.


Caregivers become very upset when circumstances change, and promises made can no longer be kept.

“Mom is falling more and more often. She wanders and tries to leave the house. She’s not safe alone. I don’t have anybody to watch her while I am at work.” The caregiver starts to feel more uncertain about the situation.

A very common theme caregivers express is that they promised their loved one that they would keep them at home. At some point the care giver admits, “I can’t keep going like this; I’m exhausted.” As it gets harder and harder to continue caregiving, and facility care becomes a realistic option, the guilt sets in; it’s a powerful, draining emotion.

Perhaps seeking the advice of a professional or speaking with other caregivers who are in a similar situation will begin to give you a sense of relief.

We can help.

See our vlog Caregiver #6 – Care Management of Parents from Afar:

Also, consider hiring a Geriatric Care Manager to provide guidance and advocacy. Refer to the website for the Aging Life Care Association at: