All of us have an estate. It consists of tangible personal property, real estate, life insurance, and various types of financial accounts. Regardless of how big or small the estate is, it will have to be administered when you’re gone.  You won’t feel a thing, but someone you know will have a job to do.  They will have a legal responsibility to do the job correctly.  There are court rules to follow. Paperwork may have to be filed with the court.  There are probate fees, claims, and taxes to pay. It can be a mess.  Everyone agrees the process is stressful, fraught with potential missteps,  and takes way longer than expected. 

If you are responsible for settling an estate, let the Delaware Elder Law Center lead the way.  We are trained and experienced in this area of the law.  We will get you to the other side.   With professional guidance, you will have confidence that the job will be done correctly and within a reasonable time.  You will have the peace of mind that your loved one’s intent will be properly carried out.