Happy Holidays 2023, Now Is The Time, Wade's Words

So, the big day is coming up; your 65th birthday. Yup, you and about 10,000 other Americans are going to turn 65 on the same day. Well, Uncle Sam has a gift for you called Medicare. It’s yours, you just have to apply for it within the six-month period leading up to your actual birthdate. Start here:

Please understand that applying for Medicare is mandatory for all of us, so don’t put this one off. Delay can result in denial of some levels of medical coverage and financial penalties.

As my dentist sarcastically noted the other day, “Medicare is anything but free”. Premiums are set based on the applicant’s income. Please note that if your assigned beginning date for coverage is after your 65th birthdate, then the first three or four monthly premiums will be aggregated in the first bill. For some, the first bill could be for thousands of dollars. There are no extensions of due dates in the Medicare world. You will want to apply early in the six-month application period, not later.

The application process itself is straight forward. If you get lost or confused, call the Medicare help line: 1-800-633-4227. The representatives are knowledgeable and very helpful. Most insurance brokers can help you apply as well.