Happy Holidays 2023, Now Is The Time, Wade's Words

Being angry is one of the more difficult emotions to contend with because you might feel guilty about your anger. When you’ve changed your entire life, sometimes leaving your own growing family for days or weeks at a time, sacrificing your career and finances, losing sleep, working overtime… it is understandable that you feel angry.


Perhaps you are the only sibling who is helping dad, and you’re angry that the rest of the family goes on living their lives normally. Or, even worse, maybe a sibling is taking advantage of dad and his finances, making it even harder to get help.


Maybe you’ve stepped into the caregiving role and found that your parents have not done any financial or estate planning. Now, you’re left to pick up all the pieces.


Our goal at The Delaware Elder Law Center is to help create a long-term plan for managing the care of your loved one. We help families find the care support that is needed and create a fund of money to pay for it. Once a long-term care plan is in place, you can return to being a loving child or spouse, and the anger subsides.


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