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Delaware has the fifth fastest aging population in the country. Many individuals and couples move to Delaware to retire so it is not uncommon for a senior’s family to live in other parts of the country. What are the options for out-of-state children to manage the long-term care of their parent when the time comes? This situation becomes acute for adult children who must find care on short notice and placement is complicated by the emotional or medical need of the parent. Examples of this include a parent who is hallucinating and acting out or is having a tough time keeping emotions in check.

There are two choices for the family in this challenging circumstance: 1) endless online research and phone calls with limited help from the hospital or rehab center, or 2) hiring a professional Geriatric Care Manager for a fee to quickly identify the realistic options, provide guidance and advocacy, and get the needed care in place. Once the crisis is resolved, then the care manager can provide advocacy services as needed for the patient and family on a going forward basis.

Typically, the individuals providing care management services have medical training and experience or are licensed social workers. Charges for these services are billed as a fixed fee and by the hour; it is not cheap.

If the situation is complicated and time is of the essence, then waiting around for free or cheaper help makes no sense. Pay the fees and get to work. Once the dust settles, you will understand just how much it was worth the investment in terms of saved time and peace of mind.

To get started, use the search terms: geriatric care manager, care management, care navigation, geriatric care, senior care management, and senior case management. Currently, there is no single search phrase that brings up the majority of service providers in this space. Do not hesitate to ask a Delaware Elder Law Attorney for a referral.