Happy Holidays 2023, Now Is The Time, Wade's Words

There are many transitions that occur in a person’s life. Some are harder than others. Transitions causing a sense of loss are difficult. Families have shared that a shift away from familiarity is most stressful and upsetting for a parent. This readily occurs if a parent must leave the familial home for some reason. This transition causes a sense of loss at many different levels.


The common thread that binds the experience is the loss of all that is familiar: family gatherings, the milestones reached by the children, the sense of safety and privacy, the sounds and smells of the home, and memories of the sweat equity earned. Seniors will grieve the life they previously had as they move into their new way of living. For some, this transition is an isolating experience.


Families have shared that it is important to allow a senior time to make peace with the process of leaving their home. Making the adjustment is difficult enough but making it during a health crisis can be overwhelming. A senior’s successful adjustment is hastened if they feel their new living situation with be safe, and they will have more contact with family.