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In the past, when someone died, their heirs would have done well to know where their bank passbooks and other documents were stored. If they didn’t, chances are they could have found them by digging through desk drawers or safe deposit boxes. Today, things are more complicated. If people die without disclosing their online accounts [...]

The Supreme Court’s ruling quashing the Defense of Marriage Act will have a major impact on estate planning where it comes to same-sex couple marriages. The ruling will impact the issues of federal benefits, no matter whether or not your state allows same sex marriages. It will also affect estate planning for such couples. One [...]

Baby boomers have an estimated $30 trillion that they will leave to their kids over the next 30 or so years. But will they do it right, or will they screw it up? According to an article on, there are some tips on how to do it right. They include: 1)  Open communication. You [...]